Magento2 - Benchmark fixtures

October 9, 2021

Introduction # With release of Magento2 - developers got a nice tool called - Performance Toolkit. Its purpose is defined clearly: The Performance Toolkit enables you to test the performance of your Magento installations and the impact of your customizations. It allows you to generate sample data for testing performance and to run Apache JMeter scenarios, which imitate users activity. However, Magento developers use just fraction of it’s possibilities - that is - creation of fake data. ...

Magento2 - Conditional layout directives

June 14, 2020

Introduction # I consider Magento’s template engine, based on XMLs, .phtmls - as the best one on the world. Sure, entrance barrier is high, especially for frontend developers, but as soon as one learns how to use it properly - whole new world is open. With XMLs approach - templating engine is highly customizable and flexible. Layouts can be extended and altered by 3rd party code. Sometimes - we need to include block (or exclude), based on some conditions. ...