Magento2 - Configuration values scope hints

January 2, 2021

Magento2 Config Scopehint extension # One of the most important things to understand in Magento is concept of scope! Website - Store - Storeview. For many developers it becomes pretty natural after a while - inheritance of values, global scope, website scope - difference between website and store and so on. While for us it’s easy (after a while) to understand, it might become confusing for merchants or less experienced store managers. ...

Magento2 - Admin cache refresh helper

June 14, 2020

Admin cache message refresh helper # I have prepared really simple extension for Magento that can save few minutes every week. Whenever you make change in admin panel, Magento tells you that you need to refresh one or more cache types. So you follow the link, select cache types and hit Submit button. With this extension you can do all these directly within the popup. You have options to refresh all cache types or just those marked as invalidated. ...

Magento2 configuration tweaks

June 14, 2020

Introduction # Magento2 (as well as Magento 1) implements really good interface to handle configurations for 3rd party modules. Developers are able to create rich and informative configuration panels. However, sometimes it feels like extensions use only basic features provided by Magento. No surprise, some of them are hidden or not documented well enough. This article tries to put some lights on not-so-well-known features that you can use to make your confiiguration panel better. ...